Unkillable Frost Warden! Solo PvE Build for ESO Firesong Update 36

Unkillable Frost Warden! Solo PvE Build for ESO Firesong Update 36


Hey, welcome. veer from relaxmody.com has an improved Warden build, my least favorite PVE class. Why am I producing a build video about it? Because it’s far more powerful, and I wanted to inform you what changed in case you’re interested in this build. I didn’t use death speed or sigils to finish Veteran Trifecta Maelstrom Arena and Veteran Vatashram Hollows. I also tackle Update 36 Zone’s 10 million-health wandering boss alone. You can use this solo in a group. This video discusses talents, gear, Champion points, etc. Every solo player will have alternatives. Dates and times. You can skip to various parts of the video by clicking the link’s description and hitting “Like” if it helped. Lord Warden has changed.


First, update 36 will replace the class kit advanced species passive. This passive now improves critical damage, not penetration. This helps you set animal companion skill lines on your front or back bar. Light armor passes don’t deal critical damage because they come from medium armor’s dexterity passive. Light armor reduces critical damage. Maximum critical damage is 125%. Light armor users should strive to deal as much critical damage as feasible. The next change hurts. This passive now increases your damage by 2%, which may go up to 12% according to the newest PTR notes. When I played it while holding an ice staff, rather than increasing your magic and frost damage by 10, istaff is the most damaging weapon for a Frost-based Warden now. You can front borrow or double bar it, and it outperforms all other destruction numbers. Dual wheeling also helps. The New Zen DK.


Where can I find this magic base before I talk about gear sets, what to utilize, and the warden’s benefits and cons? Warden’s work is mixed. It’s exciting and easy to do damage. You’re fast. You’re responsible for Deep Fissure and other ability stories. Approved. Great boosts and passives. It’s fantastic for groups and solo play because there are many methods to survive. 1) It’s hard to maintain up resources. I overcame this by making my character a hybrid and using stamina-based powers. It’s been helpful. You rely on your pet’s damage-doing ability. Depending on the situation, I use it when playing solo. Sometimes it dies, but the pet does insane damage. It’s one of the game’s most powerful ultimates, so use it. Let’s discuss my skills, what I created, and why.

Bartending Skills

It’s quite evident it’s an ice staff, especially after update 36’s damage bump. You say our front bar is 12% better. So, I start with deep fissure and move right. 3 seconds. Cough’s magic will harm major and minor breach in six seconds. This person moved to 3 and 6 seconds, so think of it as a 9-second dot. Much recasting and maintenance is needed. Then blue. Betty Our resource sustainer. We want to keep it on our front bar because the animal buddy is passive. Advanced animal companion powers deliver more critical harm. Grow swarm. This stamina-based morph turns this into a bleed and makes you more vulnerable, therefore use this location on your bar. Solo, I use bleeding. It lasted long, did a lot of damage, and cost stamina. Since it cost stamina, I had more magic, and using stamina-based skills helps me save resources. Now you have your main spammal, which seems bizarre but makes sense when we discuss gear setups. Dragon Star Arena Masters weapon works. It’s made with Masters Dragon Star. When we reach Masters Dragon Star and have our stamina-based main weapon.

Chilled status

Your reward will be huge because of minor brittle and other talents you have. “Bird of Prey” is a passive slottable. Your adventure begins now. Just slot this, and you’ll get the animal. Companion Pass slides under a front bar passively. It simplifies using your bar. Next is best. Guardian is ridiculous. This turns it into a low-cost physical lead damage ability that operates like an execute. Your ultimates deliver 100 extra damage to foes with less than 25 HP. This can hit 80,000 in a group or raid. Fully buffing it can give it a powerful status impact. Bleeding causes damage. The hammer causes harm and status effects. I change this depends on my ultimate, generally Flawless. Front: “Dawnbreaker”; back: “Shooting Star” I use solo instances. This will die often, through love or else. Go to the rear bar to play several games.


This has worked successfully for me in two ways. I use the two-handed deck when playing alone. Stampede, our two-handed physical damage and stamina stability, performs best with two hands. With a VMA two-handed deck, I have a massive, hard-hitting Gap closure that puts AoE pressure on a single target and offloads some magic costs. You have a large, powerful AOE that also hits single targets hard. Eye staff increases your rear bar’s damage. It’s difficult to maintain resources when playing alone. As I played, I realized that these two abilities are often employed, and I’d recommend Elemental susceptibility if you want an eye staff, but I like the two-handed one. This talent will always apply three status effects in the future version. You and your group will suffer. It was unnecessary for solo because I already had a number of status effects running, especially chilled, and massive breach. I’d rather use the frost app to create an unstable wall of elements. Using Resource was the greatest option for me to stay alive and have a lot of movement while doing a two-handed Stampede. First is channel acceleration. I prioritize channel acceleration. I prioritize channel acceleration. Back bar channel acceleration. This is harmful. It’s a two-handed Stampede and the other isn’t. hand(s) I use dampening magic on our shield. This is the only shield I use because I have other means to stay alive. When you need it, you’ll have a 60 HP shield dependent on your maximum magic. You won’t get the magic return from harness magic, but I utilize this when I drop below 50 life and keep hitting thanks to a passive and an active ability. Active/passive skills It’s Lotus Blossom. Full-charged light and heavy attacks will heal you. 60 seconds of prophecy and brutality. If you maintain your niche and lotus blossom up, you have your two most significant boosts going. This allows you use your potion slot for beneficial potions like tripods if you’re having difficulties staying alive or big heroics, which helps you Cast Your Bear faster. Elemental susceptibility fits well here. Carving is a fantastic 2H alternative if you can stamina sustain. Winner’s Revenge does damage over 12 seconds and has a significant chance of chilling you and your company. It’s powerful and has a wide range, so use it often. Then we double-bar our wild Guardian to make sure it’s ready to go.


You want to cast the buff with the longest duration first, so I’ll go Channel acceleration Lotus both 60 seconds, then I’ll cast deep fissure, which will take a second to proc, and then I’ll cast my bear at the same time, attempting to get it all to land at once so it would look like this: Deep fissure bear, then light attack bugs hit that bar swap. Stampede light attack, then light attack and back bar while waiting for deep fissure twice. Retribution I close in and use my front bar. I toss out my person, do my bugs, and then one, two, three, four, SWAT. My front deep photo and I stampede. I’m watching my timers and weaving in the gaps. My bear is back up, so I’ll deep picture bar swap cancel.

Set Gear 5

When playing solo, the best piece is fake God’s devotion. It’s from the trial sunspire, thus it’s rare. It carries your resources, stamina, and survivability, offering you major adventure and resources. I realize not everyone can do trials, but don’t sleep on withered hand from Alak. Like False Gods, it’s the base game and a resource source. It won’t immediately grant magic reduction or big expedition. This combo is also wonderful if you use the witch mother’s drink. mastered bosses Mania is wonderful if you want another sweaty trial set or high parse numbers. Sororius’ Perfected Mantle of Sororia. Most folks use a parse dummy. It’s for stationary fights, notably boss bouts and trials, or a parse dummy. Five-piece honor bodies are our most critical gear. We’ll employ the front-bar arena weapon Masters Ice Staff. Dragon Star Arena calls this “Perfectly Destructive Impact.” Two-piece adds weapon and spell damage. It lowers destructive touch’s cost and boosts spell damage by 600 for 4 seconds. It boosts your front bar’s body damage greatly.


Pillars of Nerd is the most powerful and easiest-to-use weapon set. The proxa is the finest option. When you charge with Stampede, your main target takes bleed damage. Very difficult with good AOE. You can adjust the arrangement if you don’t want a master staff or pillars of nerd. You replace the master staff with a five-piece set. Ideas: Switch to an arena weapon or Willpower on your backboard for additional freedom. skating max Imperial City Prison’s Mage. This is the fundamental game and grants you spell damage when you do direct damage. The raw staff midi master. All direct damage triggers Billet. When it works, it’s great. Medusa from Arc’s Corinium delivers small force at all times, especially when active. This implies you can drop Channel acceleration or Barb track, which simplifies your construction. One is Overland’s foundation game, Mother Sorrow. It increases your critical chance, which is helpful while damaging your front bar. It provides you commands of wrath, a craftable set that influences your damage and healing without proc sets or babysitting. If you don’t have Masters, switch one of these five parts to your front bar. Pillars of Nerd has a back bar, an on-body, and a Reno weapon. So you can choose between a Mythic or Monster realm. Five leads make a super-survivable pale order. The website has lead restores. Your health determines whether you’ll survive when committing harm. You’ll pair it with a slimy crawl and a one-piece pale order. Monster Helm from Wayrest sewers is best for critical damage. Currently, Scalecaller’s Peak’s Monster Helm deals the highest damage. This is fantastic in melee range, but it requires a DLC dungeon, which can be difficult. If not, try Mariah’s Morrowind. It works well because it often deals direct damage. Ice heart is another pair. If you don’t have pale order and need survival, use this. It’s frost-resistant, therefore it works. “Okay, Delta, those are your gear sets. Where are frost-damaging sets? Winter where? These don’t cause much damage, so we’ll blow it up. Mathematically, you can design a theme, but those sets will definitely get dunked on, so use pillars and urns instead. It’s easy to run, whether you use a frost staff or a 2H as I use.


See my gear chart to learn why I run five light armor and two medium. You need endurance if you’re playing solo and Dodge rolling, Breaking Free sprinting, and performing other stuff. Level Medium and Light armor stamina to use both passes. All magic symbols and vines are your attributes. Avoid golding out your body armor. Not unless you’re the sweatiest player. You should spend gold on weapons and jewelry, especially weaponry. I’ll enchant the Master’s ice staff with frost to increase status effects. Charge trades and earnhounds are also good options. If you don’t have the master staff, you can use willpower or run pillars of nerd and a VMA. Two-handed or frost, it works. Your main spamble needs updating. Modify it. Your back bar will have Berserker. proxat2h sword, so it retains more weapon and spell damage on the front bar. I appreciate Bloodthirsty’s infused crate. Fuse is great for solo or dungeon setups and protracted combat like trials. More gear charts. High school is one. My webpage explains how everything works. Beginner’s luck. Start the game if you’re a newbie. Basic game stuff. You can gain it at level 10 and utilize a build similar to mine. Champion points are discussed.


Before we begin, I’ll tell you about the blue tree. Reading is horrible. If you don’t have pale order and are struggling to remain alive, slide this instead of a damaging ability. Remember that it will help you live longer than other things. Second, take eldric insight, come to the sub basement, utter “death,” and prepare. It takes a while to obtain here, but it grants you a 10% damage mitigation at all times in PVE, so grab it first to stay alive. I normally battle solo or with a small group in a dungeon, thus I use Deadly Aim and Master at Arms. These are my two go-tos, maybe a bit more serious; Trials Fighting Finesse might be the one you Flex out depending on how much light and/or medium armor you’re using; Red Tree is straightforward; I go with Balanced Vitality. Fort If you’re struggling to survive, dump a resource building and take the bastion. This increases your shields, helping you live longer. Expert evasion and slippery are good moves if your Dodge rolls a lot. These four are my staples when I visit, and a green tree doesn’t influence performance much, so I admire writers who rate liquid efficiency. Steed’s benediction increases loot luck. To finalize the construct, I focused on magic.


I can still cast a couple skills. Never drop below 5,000 stamina. Even if you’re alone, if you dip below 5,000, you’ll die. If I max out my front bar, my spell damage is 4100, which is 60% critical. If I hit 600 spell damage, it would increase a lot, but I enjoy the crit damage and critical ratings, 52 and 60 for solo. The Thief is my Munda Stone. Bobs have 18,200 resistances, so come near to the pen cap. Major and minor fractures can lower armor by about 10,000, so we’re around 18,000 if we keep those buffs, so we don’t want to use a lover because it will go over that, which is why I do it that way, and you can see my recovery across the boards is over a thousand when I have a tripod active and medicinal use passive rowing. I’m a Khajiit on this character, and I think it’s the greatest for solo play because of a 12% increase to critical damage and healing. For the ordinary gamer, I’ve converted several of my races to Khajiit. This is especially significant in trials with continual war horns. Now let’s eat. I’m on the points, so I have all these small bags and 3600 Champion blinks, but I go with the lion spell draft if I’m not going to run the Lotus Blossom, so I’ll run the lion spells. I love this bill. It’s easy to adapt for a group and works nicely by itself. Check the link in the description for the written build in case it changes. The Elder Scrolls series changes often, therefore this build may change. My mum calls me the world’s best dreamer on apkzar.co.

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