Top 10 New High-Graphics Games for Android and iOS  IN 2022

Top 10 New High-Graphics Games for Android and iOS IN 2022

Every month has a new video. And I’m here with 10 new games for you guys. That means we’re going to play New Android Games of the Month, so let’s find out together what the games are, how good their graphics are, and what kind of game experience they’ll give you.


And talk about PROJECT RUSHB, which is our first game. This is a 5v5 tactical first-person shooting game. Which is about 2GB in size, and the game will be played entirely online. And after seeing this game, we can’t help but think that it looks like not one, not two, but three PC games. Yes, you read that right, guys! Call of Duty, Valorant, or CS:GO. Didn’t get it? Let me explain it. Here, you can have a great First-Person shooter like Counter Strike. This game’s main mode is called “Bomb Defusal.” And this makes us think of Counter Strike. And if I talk about Valorant, every hero or character there has their own unique skills. which they use when they should. just like Valorant! And if we’re talking about Call of Duty, the graphics and visual experience here will remind you of Call of Duty. Whether it’s the weapons or the environment around them This was just our first game; now we have many more. The second game was similar,

SleepWalkers Zombie War

In this game, you have to stop zombies from taking over the world. You can do this work alone like a warrior if you want to. Or, you can fight zombies with your friends in a multiplayer mode. If you don’t have any friends, you can… Well, it’s not a big deal because this 600 MB game can be played both online and offline. This means that there is an online mode for shooting zombies with other people and an offline mode for completing missions without the internet. You will see a lot of weapons in this game, and you will be able to improve them over time. The game is also completely open-world, and there are a lot of different game modes. If I talk about the game’s graphics, they are also beautiful. And since we’re already talking about Open-World games, let’s talk about another amazing Open-World game. which is SANDBOX ONE STATE MMORPG.


Just like what the game is called It is a Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game with an Open World. Just like GTA Online. The game is 380MB and can be played online. The game has great graphics. In the game, you have to build your own criminal empire by completing many missions. That is, make your own gang and go up against the city’s biggest mob. Not only that, but CO-OP Multilayer is also here to help you. That is, you can do missions with other people if you want to. It’s common to rob banks and fight the police, but you can live a normal life if you want to. like being a Taxi driver.

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Now is the time to talk about scary things, and it’s also time to talk about scary games. So, this is our fourth game. Scary, horrifying… Simulator of scary dolls. The story is about a girl who is cursed and has no friends. Every house she goes in, gets dark. Strange things happen and strange things happen. People threw her because of these things. But she is at your house now. And now it’s up to you to save your family. This game is 100 MB in size and can only be played offline. You need to get that doll out of your house in some way. If we look at the doll closely, it will make us think of Chucky. In other words, this game looks like it was based on a movie. I should also let you know that this game was made in India. The game looks good, and it’s also fun to play. You can also play this game if you want to. this being said,


Let’s move on to AGE OF KITA, which is our fifth game. As the leader of the Human Alliance, you are in charge of this. Move the human civilization forward. but where did this danger come from? One day, aliens attack our planet out of the blue. From then on, Aliens and Humans are at war with each other. Here, we have to make rules in order to keep our civilization going. Will have to be brave when facing the alien forces. The game is Online and has a size of 963MB. Here, you can enjoy fast-paced shooting while growing your civilization.


So let’s talk about a game that is a lot of fun. That’s, TRIAL EXTREME FREEDOM I really wanted to play a game on Android that was both fun and hard. and in the end, I got what I wanted. The game is 169MB and can only be played on the Internet. Here, you can change a lot about your character. That is, you can make your character however you want and ride your dirt bike on different road tracks. No way will those road tracks be straight. zig zag ways. You will be able to do some amazing stunts in different weather and climate conditions. You will see great graphics and physics that are true to life. Also, the PVP Experience has been built into the game. so tell my brothers what you want else.


If I talk about TORCHLIGHT: INFINITE, the seventh game, And now, after a long wait, TorchLight Infinite is here for all the people who were waiting for it. This game is being tested all over the world right now, so you can download it if you want to. The game is 800MB in size and can only be played online. If I’m talking about myself, I don’t like the Torchlight series. But this game has a lot of fans on the internet. A lot of Torchlight Games’ parts have already come. And finally, it’s fun to play Infinite on an Android device.


And with that, let’s move on to DUNGEON SLASHER, the next game. Look, guys, you know it’s my job to tell you about new games every month and every week. But there are usually a few games that most people don’t like. but a few people like them a lot. And maybe Dungeon Slasher is the game for them. Also, there will be a good story and lots of action. The levels are hard, but the controls are very simple. There are also boss fights. But the game’s graphics look old and like an arcade game. Some people might not like this game because of this. The game is 125MB in size and can only be played offline.


And the second-to-last game, “Raccoon Is Not Happy,” is very different. The name of this game, “Racoon Is Not Happy,” makes it stand out to me. The sequel to Doraemon is called Racoon, and Doraemon always laughs in it. If we talk about the game instead of jokes, there are a lot of characters in it, and they fight with each other. There will also be online multiplayer fighting. You will fight with a lot of Creatures at the same time. So, if you like games where the only thing that happens is fights with different weapons. Then this game might be for you. The game is 314MB and can be played online. And with that, let’s end this blockbuster video and talk about our last game.


Which is….. Aether Gazer In fact, I remember the confusing names, but I don’t know where they go when I’m recording. This amazing game is set in the future, is based on AI, and is full of 3D action. In fact, you guys are in charge of running Aether Gazer. And their goal is to fight dangerous monsters and other creatures that threaten human civilization. This game looks great and has great graphics. The game has very good graphics. This game is 1.7GB in size and can only be played online. This game has a lot of different people. The story is great, and along with the science fiction setting, you get to learn about old myths. That means the story will have a lot of twists and turns, and if you were looking for a game with a lot of bosses with different styles, this is it. That is, you take a different approach, use different weapons, and use technology to do things the right way. Isn’t that great? Games like this don’t come out very often, but when they do, they should be used to their full potential.

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