Learn How To Launch Your Own T-Shirt Business From Home With No Upfront Cost Using Print On Demand Services


Own T-Shirt Business From Home

If so, you’re in the right place! Our video is specifically designed for those who want to learn more about starting their own t-shirt business and turning their creative ideas into a successful venture. With the right tools and resources, you can turn your passion for t-shirts into a thriving business. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in the industry for a while, this video will provide valuable insights and tips to help you succeed. So don’t wait any longer; start your t-shirt business today!

Independent T-Shirts

As the demand for indie t-shirts continues to rise, with a projected growth of over 50% in the next five years, it’s clear that consumers, particularly younger ones, are opting for unique, custom designs over mass-produced brands like Nike. Take Zack, for example, who loves hiking and would likely choose a t-shirt with a map of his favorite national parks over a generic Nike option. This presents a fascinating opportunity for independent t-shirt makers like myself to tap into a new clothing niche by offering customers designs and words they truly love. In this video, I’ll share step-by-step instructions on how to start your own online specialty t-shirt business, and I’ll even teach you for free. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to fuel the growth of the indie t-shirt market and make a name for yourself in the world of fashion.


Are you looking to launch a free online t-shirt shop? Look no further! With just a credit or debit card with $50-$100 on it, you can get started on platforms like Teespring (also known as Spring), Redbubble, or Etsy. Teespring and Redbubble both have millions of monthly visitors and allow consumers to start free online t-shirt stores. However, Etsy takes the cake with an impressive 350-500 million monthly visitors and the ability to sell handmade or custom-designed goods. As a bonus, my t-shirt business runs on Shopify, a recommended platform for startups that costs $29 per month. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to tap into the massive traffic of these websites and start your own t-shirt business today.


Etsy is becoming increasingly popular, with t-shirt stores in particular seeing a surge in sales and visitors. Its share price has even reached over $200. However, one issue remains: the fees charged to sellers. While Redbubble subscribers can earn hundreds of dollars per month, Etsy sellers may make thousands due to the platform’s higher customer base and resulting revenue. While the standard listing fee for Etsy is 20 cents for four months, there is a way to get around this. By searching for “Etsy referral affiliate link,” store owners can find dummy listings with clickable URLs in the product descriptions that offer 40 free item listings when you register for a free Etsy store using their referral affiliate link. This is a great opportunity for those looking to join the Etsy community without the added expense. Just remember, you must have items to list and sell before opening a store on the platform.


In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of designing and opening an Etsy store for t-shirts. No need to worry if you’re not an artist, as trendy slogans and fonts can be easily created with Canva. Even better, Canva offers a massive 30-day free pro trial, giving you access to the specific capabilities needed for t-shirt design and creation. To start, we will make our Canva design canvas 4,500 pixels by 5,100 pixels to match our t-shirt printing space. It’s important to keep in mind the amount of space available and not use it all up. Using Canva’s pre-installed graphics and icons, along with image licenses and font licenses, we can easily create unique and professional t-shirt designs. If you’re in need of inspiration, consider designing something you are passionate about or interested in. While it may seem like there are many print-on-demand stores, there is still room for competition as long as you are offering quality products and excellent customer service. Follow these steps, and you’ll be on your way to creating a successful t-shirt business on Etsy.

T-shirt design

If you’re looking to start a t-shirt business, Printify is an industry-standard print-on-demand app that can help you get started. It offers a retail catalog of over 200 blank products, including t-shirts, for you to design and sell in your online store. Each time a customer buys a t-shirt from your store, Printify will automatically manufacture and ship the product, tracking sales and sending a tracking code to the customer. Printify offers both free and premium accounts, with the premium account offering product discounts. If you’re looking to reach a wider audience, unisex t-shirts are a great option, and the popular Bella+Canvas 3001 t-shirt is a great choice due to its comfort, classic retail fit, and domestic production. Keep in mind that Printify is an app that connects you to third-party print-on-demand factories to create and ship your products, rather than creating and shipping the products itself. We recommend using a US-based factory like Monster Digital for high-quality t-shirt prints. To design your t-shirts, use a tool like Canva’s “Pro” feature to ensure high-resolution prints. Start your print-on-demand journey by creating a free Printify shop account and watching your t-shirt brand grow.

Etsy store.

Looking to set up a free online store on Etsy? The platform offers 40 free listings for new users. Many people have created filler products with a signup link in the item description that includes an affiliate URL. Simply click on this link to earn your 40 free listings. To open a store, simply select one of the items from the list and provide your name, email address, and password. When choosing a store name, remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect. Some stores with unusual or even humorous names have seen great success on Etsy. If your brand name is available, consider using it as your store name. To create a product listing, you will need to fill out all relevant fields, but don’t worry about going above and beyond. Etsy integrates with Printify, so you can easily track and manage your sales and orders and list your Printify items on Etsy with just a few clicks. To complete your listing, be sure to fill out any sections marked with an asterisk, but everything else is optional. Finally, to set up your payment method on Etsy, you will need to provide your home address and company status. Don’t worry, Etsy keeps this information private and does not require business registration for all sellers.

Etsy functions

If you are a sole proprietor, you can sell on Etsy without any paperwork or registration in most countries. When you input your home address, Etsy will ask for your bank account details. Etsy customers pay you directly, but Etsy handles the payment process through either Etsy Payments or PayPal. Most buyers choose Etsy Payments, which securely collects the payment, deducts processing costs, and deposits the remaining funds into your bank account. In order to verify your identity and prevent scams, Etsy may request a photo of your driver’s license. After verifying your email, you will need to add a credit or debit card to complete the account setup. Each listing on Etsy after the initial 40 free ones costs 20 cents, which will be charged to your credit or debit card. When you sell a t-shirt, Printify will handle the production and shipping, but the consumer will still pay through Etsy. It is important to disclose in your Shop Manager settings that you are working with a printing partner, such as Monster Digital or Printify, to produce the t-shirts. In addition to this requirement, it is also helpful to create a comprehensive store profile, including a logo, banner, and personal photos, to connect with customers and increase sales. Utilizing a credit or debit card for expenses can also be beneficial, as credit cards often offer rewards for spending and give you a grace period to pay off the charges. Overall, being a solo proprietor on Etsy can be a successful and rewarding venture, as long as you follow the necessary steps and make the most of your store profile.

List your t-shirts

Looking to sell t-shirts online? The Printify-Etsy combination makes it easy. Simply sign into both platforms in separate tabs, click “Not connected” on your Printify products, and select Etsy. Confirm the connection, and Printify will automatically list all of your t-shirts on Etsy. No need to manually input product information or upload images; Printify imports colors, sizes, pricing, and mock-up photographs for you. Plus, Printify tracks sales and coordinates the production and shipping process with Monster Digital’s printing facility. When a customer purchases a t-shirt from you, Printify sends them a tracking code for added convenience. Follow these steps, and you’ll be selling t-shirts on Etsy in no time.

T-Shirt Promotion

In order to effectively sell your t-shirts on Etsy, it is important to optimize your listings for search engines. One popular method for finding t-shirts on the platform is by using keywords in the search field, such as “golden retriever t-shirt gift.” To improve your t-shirt’s chances of being displayed in the search results, you should include relevant keywords in your title and use lifestyle mock-up photos in your listing. This will not only attract potential buyers, but it will also increase your search rankings on Etsy. To create professional-looking photos without the need for a photoshoot, consider using a service like Placeit. For a small fee, you can access their library of t-shirt lifestyle images and customize them with your designs. By following these tips and utilizing the resources available to you, you can increase the success of your t-shirt business on Etsy.

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