High Graphics (Online/Offline) Top 10 New OPEN WORLD Games for Android 2022

open world games in 2022

Top 10 New OPEN WORLD Games for Android 2022 | High Graphics (Online/Offline)


So lets start thisith bang video guys. Where we will talk about open world games. And all other games will be random based. So the whole video is funny. Taking about the first game then it Danwnland. If Minecraft been given a 4K ultra graphics makeover with 3D characters. Then it will become downlands. Because here also those three things are important I.e. Explore, survive and build. Here too we get to see a very large map where there will be a lot of Biomes. The size of the game will be 1.2 GB and the game is online. Like Minecraft, there is always a threat to our life here too. So we have to survive for which we will break the trees and collect all the wood and bring it. Then we’ll create our favorite tools and weapons. Now the matter has reached this far, so let’s prepare a shelter too. Which will save us from the dangers. And how can we forget the main thing which is graphics Its very lovely. Not only this, my favorite animal interaction means that we can also train animals here And there also be horse riding. Believe me it is very cute. Well its enough for the first game. By the way guys, that game was awesome. (clearing throat)


Now lets talk about our second game which is ashfall. We should not forget that the first name of this game was project 56. But it has been introduced under the name Ashfall with Grand Opening. There is something different in the game. Here we get to see the story, humans vs AI. Where the AI has taken control and has launched all the nuclear missiles. Yes, the same story that everyone is afraid of. (laughing) And what was it then? The world ended, the mankind came in danger and then the new post apocalyptic world started. Of which we are one of the last few survivors. And we have a huge responsibility that we have to save human civilization. So take your weapons and face all those AI robots. You will get to see a lot of combats inside the game, there will be many locations, and what to say about the visuals of the game. Believe me, it is very strong, like PC material. I found some cool things in this game which makes this game different from its own. Like dinosaurs and dangerous creature come from time to time. If you wish, you can travel within the map. Well if we talk about the size of the game then it is 1.2 GB and its online game .

Vice Online Open World Games

And our third game is Vice Online. Well, whenever we name an open world game, what picture comes in our mind? Its GtA right? This game vice online belongs to the same similar category. Here we get to see a role playing action. There will be some multiplayer events will be seen. Will have fun with friends. You will able to drive the vehicle of your choice. And there are missions inside the too. Also the size of the game is not too much it will be around 1 GB. And obviously its a online. And along with this, the game developers here has created a replica of cities like Miami, loch angles and new york. So it will be lot of fun to travel.

Zero-based World

Fun is even in our fourth game which is zero based world . Now its a 100% free sandbox game. Where we can form a tribe group with our friends. Together you can explore caves and dungeons. If you want, you can create the dream house of your choice. And if you want, you can also tame the various creatures. And the size of the game is 2.2 GB and its an online game. Yes, it’s lite big game, but it also has lot of customization. And along with this you will get to see crafting and survival mechanism here.

DEEEER Simul ator : Modern World

On seeing, we have reached towards our fifth game, which is dear simulator. Guys,its fifth game, there must be something special here. And that’s why I’ve brought up dear simulator. Actually dear which is here equal to the level of any powerful God. God got a little too much, but you understand, don’t you? guys, this dear can do anything. Blows up a person, hits the vehicles and Hits high jumps. Runs at full speed. Infact when you will play this game, then you yourself will understand that this dear also shoots. This is an open word game in which you guys are going to have a lot of fun. Yes, nothing will come but it will definitely be fun. And if you have not tried this game even once, So I would advise you guys that once you play, you will know by yourself. Well, the size of the game is 250 MB and its offline game.

Car Driving Online

And now lets go ahead and talk about our sixth gameeeee.. Gameeeee… Actually I am saying this because here I am going to tell you three games. Three games on the same number. So that I can give you guys more information in a single video. As our first game(out of three) comes out to be is car driving online. Ladies and gentleman and my dear lovely viewers. Do not take this game as a random racing game. The character we have here also exits outside the car. That is, if you want, you can build a house for yourself, you can customers the car. You can participate in a lot of racing events. and you will also get multiplayer support. This is nothing The next game is Carx Street. What to say about this game! If you are a racing game lover then this is icing on the cake for you. Because here you guys will find everything that a racing game fan demand. Such as 4K graphics. Done! Like super cars, Done. And with this, driving in the open world city of your choice is also done. And racing with friends is done too. So what else do you want? Well there is one more I.e OWRC. Open world racing game. And when the name of the game comes in the open world racing game, then understand what is going to be found inside? This would be open world, where you guys get to drive vehicles.

Earth Revival

And lets move forward and talk about our seventh game which is.. Earth revival. Do you remember that I told you a story about the distraction of the earth. But here also consider something similar as well Because the aliens have attacked the our earth. And what happened after that? Everyone was sitting and watching Hanna Montana. Just kidding guys? Obviously war has started. In which we are a warrior. And we have to survive. Inside the game you have been shown the time of 2112. Yes, of the future. Where everything belongs to the future Likewise you will get to see the weapons. By using them we will kill all the creature. There will be cinematic cut scenes in between. The story is very lovely And visuals is awesome as well. And if I talk about the size of the game, then its 5 GB. I know for some people this size is too much. But what to do man, to gain something, you have to lose something.

Go To Car Driving 4

With this lets quickly talk about our eight game witch is go to car driving 4. By the way guys, I have already told you a better open world game than this, which vice online But this game also has its own pros As you will to see this game in a very small size. Only 300 MB and the can be played offline also. And the story doesn’t just end here, here you will also get to see some animals like cats and dogs. If you want, you can drive all the vehicles in the world here. Even if its jet pack.


And our second last game in this video is cyberpoooop… By speaking cyberpoop cyberpoop I have brought down the image of this game. well, apart from the joke, the actual name of this game is cyberpop. And I think in realty the name of this game should have been prince of Persia mobile. And guys see yourself, here you guys get to see similar atmosphere. You will get similar characters and you will get same type of gameplay too. The only lack was a good story. But instead the game developers thought of making this game a money making game. Integrate this with NFTs and then it will become a blokchain game. Those who are not understand this things, So guys you away from the useless things of this world. And If I talk about the size of the game, then it is 1 GB and it an online game.

Lost Abyss/Lost Sea (Project Atlas)

And at last, lets move ahead and talk about our tenth game in this video which is Lost…. Are you wondering? why did I not say the dialogue of prime member today? Because I am sitting sadly thinking that you guys do not like the video, do not subscribe to the channel. So I thought let’s remove the dialog. But anyway.. If you have seen this video till here, then you are the prime members of this channel. And as a prime member it is your duty to like this channel *Like the video. And subscribe to the channel. Talking about the tenth game, then that is lost abyss lost sea, world atlas Guys it has so many names that I am confused myself. In fact project atlas,Just imagine how many names are there? Hey game how many names do you have? stick to one name. Well no matter what the name but the game should be good. And actually the game is good. Have you heard about the Subnautica game? Obviously you must have heard it. So guys, think that even here the world of water has been shown there. We will face the Deadly Sea Creature here. We will fight them. And will also try to survive. Now you must be thinking that how does all this start? It all starts in the year 220 of the Yuan calendar. Where a huge large catastrophe hits the earth. And Summer takes all the world in its grip. And what was after that? We all started doing naughty things in the water. No no no guys, there is like that. And talking about the size.. (clearing throat) And if I talk about the size of the game, then it is 3 GB and it is also an online game.

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