Best Online Business Ideas 2022 – Top 10 Lifestyle Businesses Revealed.


Hi, I’m vk , and this is This article lists the top 10 online businesses to start in 202! We’re going to go through a full list that’s been updated since the last video I made on this topic, and it’s been updated for 2022. There are new platforms… The way users act is changing, as are fashions and competition. So, the list of the top 10 is changing! Before we start, it’s important to remember that a successful business and, in the end, making money online come from giving value to your audience. Okay? You need to scale your audience, which means you can give little bits of value to millions and millions of people or big chunks of value to smaller and smaller groups of people. Just starting a business is not enough.

Make sure you remember that it’s all about giving value to your audience and growing it. That’s what you really need to think about in this. Also, one more thing before we get started. I’m talking about how you plan to grow a successful online business over the next three, five, and ten years. You’ll probably be able to make money from at least a few of these. My wife and I have more than one source of income, and you will too. What I want to do is give you a place to start. If you haven’t already begun.

So don’t feel like you have to pick one and that you can only pick one. Again, this comes back to the idea of who you’re writing for. Why don’t you have a group of people on your email list who know you, like you, and trust you? You can use different ones to reach the same people, which will help you keep your income steady.

Products with Information

So let’s get right to the top 10 without further ado. Just one more thing. I apologise. This is how I rank it. You might have professional experience, personal experience, or skills that would make something I put in fifth or sixth place your first choice. So don’t, don’t, and take this with a grain of salt. And with that, we’re off and running.

So information products come in at number one. I still love selling information products. In the business I run with my wife, that’s one of the things we sell the most. MP3s, PDs, and video courses that can be streamed can all be downloaded. I really like these because I can make a lot of money from them, but one problem is that it’s hard to get started. Before you can start making online courses, you need to already be able to help people get things done in their lives. Okay. You shouldn’t make a course on how to help women in their 50s lose weight if you can’t help them lose 10 pounds in 30 days. If that’s what you really want to do, you can do other things. Um, I also think that self-education is growing and will keep growing. I think that more and more people are looking to the internet and people like you and me to help them learn the professional and personal skills they need to make more money or live a happier life.

So, I think it’s a growing field, and the really high profits make it very, very worth your time. But again, you kind of need to be an expert, which brings us to number two. What if you don’t know much about it? What if you want to become an expert in something, but you’re not quite there yet? Affiliate marketing is a great way to start a business. It’s my second choice on this list because it’s easy to learn. And as an affiliate marketer, your job is to go out and build an audience, make useful content, get to know the audience, and help the audience get what they already want. Through your affiliate links, you help that audience get the things they were going to buy anyway. But all of that happens after you grow your audience and earn their trust.

So it’s a way to get started with few costs up front and a lot of power. You can eventually build an affiliate marketing site around the idea of helping women over 50 lose weight, right? Let’s say you build a site with a lot of content and an email list, and you promote affiliate products like Organic Buying, Daily Burn, etc. Then, at some point, you make your own product to sell to them. You build an audience, and you can make money from that as an affiliate. Then you make your own course. Once you have a lot of experience helping people or if you start selling one-on-one coaching, you will learn the process that you will eventually put into your course. This is just a taste of how all of these things fit together.

Consulting and Coaching

Coaching and consulting come in at number three. So, to me, this is a bridge between what I teach online and how I use content to help my audience. People really care about bridging the gap between that and making courses. If you haven’t already, you should really help one person lose 10 pounds in 30 days. Once you start growing your audience, you need to find someone who is committed and help them. You also need to build a process, and then you need to help someone else, and then you need to help someone else. Now, the cool thing about coaching is that you can do it one-on-one, or you can do group coaching, which is a way to use your time to make more money while putting in the same amount of effort and energy. This is usually the way to create online courses. You start by learning about the world, then you get a result for yourself, and then you help other people get the same result.

So you’re making a process that can be repeated. Then you help a small group of people work together to get that result. And once you’ve shown that your system works for dozens or even hundreds of people, you’re ready to turn it into a course. One more cool thing about consulting and coaching is that people are willing to spend a lot of money to get specific results, and they love being led by the hand, right? They like having their own guide because it gives them some responsibility. There are a lot of reasons why they’ll stay accountable to you if you’re the expert and they can do Skype calls with you one on one three times a week or Skype workouts with you one on one three times a week. They send you texts every day about what they’re eating, how many calories it has, etc. Sometimes a real personal touch from the coach is what they need to get the job done. A lot of us, including me, know that we also need that level of accountability.

So that’s how it can work really well, and I think there’s a great business opportunity there. Um, membership site is number four. Dave Wooding, a good friend of mine, says that recurring income is the Holy Grail of income, and I agree with him. If you have a good membership programme, you can do one piece of work every month and sell it hundreds or even thousands of times. Now, what does your membership programme include? Obviously, this should be based on what you’ve been doing and how you’ve helped other people. For my membership programme, I use a forum where people can get my trainings, including my advanced trainings. They can also ask me questions about the trainings, which is a big part of the programme. So, my membership programme is a bit like group coaching, and my wife’s membership programme has been changed a bit. It’s really access on demand to a vault of paid content from the past. So there are video courses, PDFs, MP3s, and a kind of vault that you can get into whenever you want.

So we just put all of our work in this interface, which is a kind of learning management system, and people can log in, download what they want, and get all of the new things from there. Membership sites are so high on the list because you only have to sell them once, but you can keep making money from them for months, years, or even decades as long as you keep giving them a lot of great value.

Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing agency is number five. Um, I did a video on this channel, and to be honest, I’ve done videos on pretty much all of these that we’re going through. I have in-depth videos that show you how to set up all of these things, including your mindset, the big picture, the small picture, the clouds, the dirt, and everything else. So definitely watch the videos you’re interested in, but if my YouTube channel and blog disappeared and I had to start over, I would use the skills I’ve learned about how to put a blog post on the first page of Google about how to put a video on the first page of YouTube about how to run Facebook ads. And I would use that to my advantage and sell it as a service. I would not only offer that as a service, but I would also put together a team of people who would do the work. I would then focus on speaking on stages and running local meetup groups, which is essentially the same thing as bringing in clients. Right. I would be in charge. I’d take the job, and then my team of experts would do the day-to-day work for clients.

Digital marketing agencies are very powerful now because more and more businesses are trying to get into the top three spots on Google Maps. More and more businesses are trying to get in the top 10 on the first page of Google, but there’s a catch. You have to have skills. You have to be able to drive people around. For you to be able to sell something, you had to be able to actually make it. Now, I ran a very successful agency for five years, and one of the things I learned was how to build my wife’s and my first website up to 30 and then 60,000 visits per month. I was able to show local business owners, “Hey, I have a side job; I get 2,000 visits today.” Would your business change if 2000 people looked at what you do and what you have to offer every day and thought, “Well, of course it would!”? And that was the proof of my past work, which I used to close the sale.

So this is where you could start as an affiliate marketer. You could build your site, get more traffic, learn the ins and outs of WordPress, and figure out how to get your posts on the first page of Google. Look at your testimonials if you want to start a small digital marketing company.


Sixth, being a freelancer and doing work like that of a virtual assistant. Um, this is a simpler way to start out than starting a digital agency. There are SEO freelancers out there, but I think of this as a separate category because it includes things like transcription, video editing, making show notes from podcasts or even editing the audio for podcasts for people, translating documents, and translating books. A few of my wife’s books are written in Spanish. We had all of those translated when we were doing copy editing or proofreading. This is a good way to figure out what you’re good at, right? Do you know how to use Photoshop? Are you good at putting together videos? What do you love? What do you do well? They would love to give that part of their business to someone else. Because most digital businesses are really businesses that most people run, right? Storefront businesses. Most companies know they need to keep up with their blog. They need a YouTube channel and a presence on other social media sites. They probably don’t want to do that because they’re too busy running their business day to day. As a free agent, you could step in and do that one job for them. And this is very different from running an agency, since in this case you do the work and it pays you.

So you have a number of clients who want you to do specific work. This is a great way to bridge the gap between being in a corporate setting and having a side job that gives you some time and location freedom, which is great. And from there, you can kind of start your own online business. People can learn how to do what you do, etc., etc., etc.


It’s a stepping stone, just like the other ones, and it’s also a software as a service. S.A.S. is a great way to make money because if you can make a software tool that I use and that helps me get more traffic or more conversions, you can sell it. Okay. And that helps my business make more money. Let’s say that your $97-a-month tool helps me make an extra $1,000 a month. I will never say no to your $97 price as long as I am getting something in return. That’s a lot more than what I put in the software building challenges, right? You need to know how to code or have access to someone who does.

So, one thing I’ve done as a member of the inner circle is make five different pieces of software. Everything from tools to improve YouTube to tools to improve SEO. I’m also making new tools for software. So, this is how I’m almost combining software with my membership: as my members get more and more software tools that help them get the results they want, which is growing an audience, growing a list, and growing a business, right? When I make software tools that help them get much better results with their YouTube videos, they will stay around longer. It’s not just the content, it’s not just the access to me, it’s not just the info products, it’s not just the group coaching, it’s also the software. Okay.

So, from a holistic point of view, that’s pretty much what I have to offer. Um, building, scaling, and growing a software company requires a certain type of person who is ready to deal with the technical challenges that come with it. But, again, the long-term income potential is really great. I’ve been using the same tools in my business for eight or ten years, and I’m happy to keep paying for them. I wouldn’t think about turning them off because they are now an important part of how my business works.

Handmade Goods

Number eight. I think this one gets missed way too often. Sell handmade goods. There are so many things that can be made by hand, like crocheting, niching, and making jewellery. It can also be from a story, right? Say your baby has skin that is very, very sensitive. Normal sunscreen won’t work on your baby’s skin. They, well, they get a rash. They’re very sensitive people. And you made this sunscreen that actually works. It makes perfect sense. It’s completely safe. It doesn’t have any harsh chemicals. Even your baby’s skin can use it. That is a great idea, right? You could then start selling it.

So, they are selling it on the Internet. I know this is a list of the top 10 online businesses, but I think most people forget about the farmer’s markets in their own towns. I also think that local farmer’s markets are a great way for creative entrepreneurs to get real-world feedback on what they’re making. You can talk to people right then and there. You can ask them things. Do you have kids whose skin is sensitive? Do you have sensitive skin? Have you ever put on sunscreen? That’s the kind of thing you can ask people who are just walking around the park in the afternoon because it’s the farmer’s market after noon and that’s why they’re there. They’re there so people can talk to each other, and the things you can learn from actually trying to sell something to a real person over the table can speed up the process. Three times ten times and beyond is much better than trying to hide behind a computer and putting it on Etsy, Amazon, or a Shopify site.

So, if you are one of these creators, I think you could do all of these things in the end. But really, I think spending time is very important. Soap is a good business idea if you like making things and are looking for a way to make money. Go to the farmer’s market in your area. Does anyone make soap? Does anyone make lotion? Does anyone make jewellery? Does anyone make candles? Is there someone who sells mushrooms? It’s easy to grow mushrooms as microgreens. You can grow these delicate microgreens, which are very popular right now, in a warehouse. So it’s a good idea to go to these and see what other creators are making and selling. Then, you can see if there’s a little space for something you know how to do or want to do. You can learn how to make good soaps in an afternoon or over the weekend, and you can even buy whole loaves of soap on Etsy. You could cut them down, put them in special packaging, brand them with your own name, and add your own twist. Then you could go sell them again. And you could actually run a business like that in person. Build testimonials, learn a lot about your customer avatar, your audience, et cetera.

Marketing with influencers

I’d call number nine “influencer marketing.” Now, I wasn’t sure if I should put “influencer marketing” on, but I don’t know what else to call it. So that’s the word I’ll use from now on. Influencer marketing, as I see it, is a podcaster. I thought that was the case. I was just about to write about podcasts because I think more and more people are listening to them. Podcasts are getting more and more popular every year, and podcasters are becoming more and more like real people. It’s getting more and more well-known. So, here in North America, we’re in the middle of an election cycle, and there are a number of democratic candidates running. I like to hear what they have to say, but I don’t like the debate stage they’re on. It’s a joke. It’s an attempt to get them to fight with each other so that a bad soundbite can be made. But Joe Rogan has had at least three different presidential candidates on his podcast, and I’ve listened to all of them, which range in length from an hour to over two hours. The more I know about that person, their history, their story, their ideas, and what their plans are, the better I can understand myself.

I think podcasts will continue to grow because of the little story I just told you. Um, people who post videos on YouTube are also influential. People who like Instagrammers are obviously also influencers, but I will put them at the very bottom of the totem pole. I think that’s the hardest nut to crack because it’s almost always the case. It’s hard to keep being cool and acting cool for long periods of time. Things can go hot or not, but if you’re giving real value, if you love sports, especially a niche sport like drone racing, and if you interview all the best drone race pilots and cover all the best drone racing events, your podcast could be the best place to learn about drone racing. And at that very moment, you have power. As an affiliate, you can sell brand deals and spread the word about things. In the end, you could make courses that could go in any direction.

So, if you’re an influencer, you’re building an audience with the goal of giving them value and helping them reach their goals and solve their problems. I’m kind of individualistic in how I do that, based on the platforms. Even those who stream on Twitch, right? Someone who streams games is like a professional gamer who makes all of their money by streaming themselves playing games on YouTube and Twitch. Both. I would say that they have influence, and in this day and age, they can have a lot of influence. They can definitely be very important people. The tenth is drop shipping and online business.

E-commerce Dropshipping

This is almost like the idea of buying a big bar of soap, cutting it up, selling the pieces, and then selling them again. Since the beginning of time, one of the most common ways to build a business and make money has been to buy and sell things. Someone buys something here and sells it there. Now, drop shipping means that you sell it without ever buying it. Okay. Someone else is storing it and running the fulfilment centres. You build a group of people who are interested in it, then you sell it, handle the transaction and customer service, but they ship it from their warehouse. So it gets rid of or greatly reduces the cost of doing business, even for high-priced products like electric wheelchairs for elderly people who need help getting around and electric bikes, right? There are a lot of different $3,000 products that might have a decent margin. Compared to digital and information products, your margins are much lower, but people are more willing to buy things, right? In our world, everyone buys things. You’ve probably bought toothpaste, toothbrushes, and soap. You might have bought a bike and other more expensive things.

So buying and selling things is still very much a real business. You can sell things on Amazon as an FBA. You can sell on Etsy, eBay, your own website, or through a drop-shipping service like Shopify, which is easy to run. You can use woo commerce, which is the open source version of WordPress, instead of Shopify. Um, the truth is that people buy things all the time, which is why Amazon is such a huge company in its field. The market is full of people. In general, it takes more time and money. And because the profits are lower, it’s at the bottom of my list. But maybe you have a logistics team, maybe you’ve used fulfilment centres, maybe you’ve gotten products from another country before, and you have really interesting access to some beautiful jewellery from Bali. You could go get a lot of this jewellery from Bali, and you want to start selling it that way. Very, very possible in the modern world. Online is where people buy jewellery. As a matter of fact, my wife sells a lot of jewellery online as an affiliate.

That’s all. These are the top 10 businesses for the year 2020. Um, the real key to all of them or those keys to success that are more important than anything else is your audience. One of the keys of business is to show up and give value to your audience before asking for the sale and return. And that’s why my channel here has been so successful, and why the business I’ve built around teaching everything I know about digital business, digital entrepreneurship, and digital marketing has also been so successful. I’ve put out about 575 videos with really helpful, shareable information and no sales pitches. This didn’t ask anyone to do anything. There won’t be a call to action. I told you this because you need an outsider’s point of view. I want you to start, so pick a business model and get going. Think about who you’re writing for.

What are they? What are they missing? Why do they want to find this? Why does it have to be bought right now? Do they know what the problem is? Do they know how to fix it? Help them get what they want by giving them content that meets them where they are. Find out how to put together an email list. And once you do that, you can start to try your hand at all the different parts of the business. Every month, the content I put out here helps me make a lot of money as an affiliate marketer. But I also do very well with my group coaching programme, which also has these software tools.

So I’m putting about four of them together. Even more, my wife is mixing and matching. We sell the things that she makes. She’s got about six of these down, which means that our business is very stable and gives us the freedom to live the way we want. And if we lose one way people find us or one way we make money, we still have a lot of other ways to support ourselves. And one more thing: Rome wasn’t built in one day. We have been building her business for 10 years straight. I’ve worked hard for more than three years to build this business that you see on the Miles Becker channel. Not to mention the 15 years of hands-on experience I had with digital marketing before I taught and wrote my first article here.

So who do you want to help? Who do you want to help? If you want to start next, go to my YouTube series of articles about how to choose a niche. It will help you get a better sense of all these ideas. Who can I help? That’s the most important question you can ask yourself. Make a fuss, and give them something of value. Give value. First. Before we can take money out of the bank account, we have to put money into it.

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